Services and Support to Empower our Youth

Our Programs


Education is the most important gift we can give our youth. By focusing on the rising generations we can secure a promising future. We offer many opportunities to learn from our vast network of leaders from educational workshops, group leadership opportunities and public speaking to mentorship. By giving our youth the opportunity to meet and learn from those leaders who are already successful we can assure that they will be set on the right path to growth, leadership and success. 

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Educational Workshops

We are living in an environment that is ever changing and it’s more crucial now than ever to have the latest news and ideas from leaders from around the world. Educational workshops with panels from our vast network of contacts will help educate and empower our youth to have bold ideas and the self confidence to follow the path of great leaders. We have leaders in many fields of expertise who will give different views and open many doors for the rising generations. 

Group Leadership

Becoming a good leader takes knowledge, skill and most importantly practice. We believe that with knowledge from our network of leaders and practice from applying that knowledge our youth gain will gain the skills needed to become leaders in the future. Our group leaders will learn from a vast network of leaders from around the world. Their expertise ranges from politics to media with many careers in between.


Learning in a group setting is an important mission of Future Foundation however we know that as you grow you need someone to help guide you. Our mentorship program links a youth to a mentor who can help guide and give advice to a youth as they grow and mature into a career. This can range from career advice to contacts in the youths chosen field to help them grow and compete in today’s ever changing world.